The 12 Services of Technology VisionariesWe’ve all heard the familiar verses of the famous holiday song that begins… “On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me a partridge in a pear tree.” This holiday season, we thought we’d give that popular carol an IT twist.

What are the treasures of technology that Technology Visionaries can bring to your business through our myriad of business IT services?

From proactive computer maintenance to continuous network management to expert tools and advice to help your business succeed, we’ve got our top 12 gifts for business just in time for you to have a stellar new year.

What Riches Can the Right IT Pro Bring to Your Business?

As technology keeps evolving, small businesses are finding it more challenging to deploy their own IT solutions. We help businesses in New Jersey lower costs and improve their technology through the 12 Services of Technology Visionaries.

On the first day of business Technology Visionaries gave to me:
Business Continuity Planning

If a manmade or natural disaster strikes, it not only can cause physical damage, it can stop your business in its tracks if you haven’t made a contingency plan. Our Business Continuity Team helps companies with comprehensive plans to keep their data secure and their business going should an unexpected disaster strike.

On the second day of business Technology Visionaries gave to me:
Managed Services

Trying to handle their IT on their own is what causes many businesses to fall behind. Technology is an important foundation that supports all your other business operations, why not ensure it’s working at peak efficiency and supporting your growth?

Technology Visionaries’ Managed Services Plans take the burden of IT upkeep off your shoulders. We proactively monitor and maintain your technology infrastructure to boost productivity and eliminate downtime.

On the third day of business Technology Visionaries gave to me:
Vendor Management

Coordinating vendors for cable, phone, computer equipment, and business software is time consuming. Reap the benefits of having a single point of contact for all your IT vendors by having us handle all that coordination for you.

On the fourth day of business Technology Visionaries gave to me:
IT Security

In these days of digital files and data breaches, IT security is more important that ever. The average cost per compromised record is $148. How many records on average are compromised in a data breach? 10,000, according to IBM.

Don’t leave your network security to chance. Our experts can ensure your data is safe and secure, and assist you with data privacy regulation compliance.

On the fifth day of business Technology Visionaries gave to me:
On Demand Services

Get as much or as little IT support as you need with our On Demand Services. Not all businesses have the same tech support needs, so we tailor our services to fit where your business is at this point in time and offer the flexibility to contract or expand them to fit your needs.

On the sixth day of business Technology Visionaries gave to me:
IT Consulting

Which new productivity application gives you the best value? Would setting up a guest Wi-Fi boost your sales? These are just some of the many questions our team of experts can advise you on to ensure you have all the knowledge to make the best decisions.

On the seventh day of business Technology Visionaries gave to me:
Cloud Services

Cloud Services are scalable, customizable, enable mobility, and are cost effective. We can help you transition some of your workflow to the cloud, opening up more capabilities and collaboration.

On the eighth day of business Technology Visionaries gave to me:

Internet-based phone systems have come a long way in the last 10 years. Voice quality is now crystal clear and VoIP has all the same features as landline-based phones, plus the ability to be used from any location.

On the ninth day of business Technology Visionaries gave to me:

Let us help you maximize server workloads and reduce costs by moving those workloads to virtual workspaces. Virtualization improves application performance, allows you to do more with fewer servers, and reduces your energy needs.

On the tenth day of business Technology Visionaries gave to me:
Email & Spam Protection

Spam accounts for 45% of all email sent and if not properly managed, can steal a lot of time away from other tasks. Email also happens to be the #1 delivery method for viruses and malware.

Technology Visionaries can put solid email and spam defenses in place to keep out the unwanted emails that invade your staff’s inboxes on a daily basis.

On the eleventh day of business Technology Visionaries gave to me:
Hosted Solutions

You shouldn’t have to compromise when choosing the best applications for your company due to the cost of setting up a server. You can use industry-leading applications, like Microsoft Exchange, for less by having us host them for you. No server hardware costs and you get the ability to use the tools to keep your business thriving.

On the twelfth day of business Technology Visionaries gave to me:
A Dedicated IT Partner

Technology Visionaries puts you first and we make it our business to know everything about the IT needs of yours. Just a few of the benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Comprehensive technical support
  • 24/7 support
  • IT product discounts
  • Proactive technology support
  • Expert guidance to increase efficiency

Start the New Year Off with Technology that Fuels Your Growth

The right technology partner doesn’t just fix your computers, they help you use your technology to fuel your growth and increase efficiencies. Technology Visionaries offers a full range of IT support services, all affordable, and all designed to give you excellent value.

Let’s talk about how IT can boost your sales in the coming year. Give us a call at 732-587-5960 or contact us online today.