Free Computer Monitoring in New Jersey

Free Computer Monitoring in NJ from Technology Visionaries

Maintaining visibility into the computers and network of businesses is impossible without the right tools. As a result, most small businesses only find out about critical problems with their computers when it is too late. With this new service, you now can be notified of problems with your computers and networks before they cause downtime and loss of employee productivity. That’s why we’re now offering our basic computer and network monitoring at no cost to small businesses in New Jersey.

Why are we doing this?
In the last two years, we have made a substantial investment in our company’s infrastructure and operational efficiencies. Because of this, we are able to offer this valuable service for free to small businesses at a nominal cost to us. We expect to offset the nominal cost by gaining new market share and assisting you with some of your critical issues that could put your company at risk of a failure.

How does your free computer monitoring in NJ work?
We install a small software application called an agent on each of the computers at your business. The agent monitors for over 100 different conditions that can impair the security, performance or reliability of your network. Our NetCare monitoring agent doesn’t impact system performance in any way. When issues occur, our system will send a designated contact an email letting them know about the issue.

What do I do if it finds an issue?
There are two options:
1. You can go ahead and fix the issue yourself.
2. You can reply back to the alert email, and one of our support engineers will resolve the issue for you.
If you opt to resolve the issue yourself, you won’t hear from us. No pushy salesmen. No annoying phone calls.

I want you to fix it for me. What happens then?
If this is the first time you have us work on your computers, our staff will contact you to obtain a credit card authorization form. Once we receive it, we’ll fix your issue promptly.
If you’ve had us work on your systems before, we’ll go ahead and fix the problem.

How do I get started?
Fill out the form here and we’ll get in touch with you to get your company set up for NetCare Free Edition, the only free computer monitoring service in New Jersey.

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