Do people respond to your emails?

YES – You probably do 5 key things.
NO – You could do 5 key things.

Subject Line:
Add “Response Needed” at the end of the subject line.

Make it positive and personalized to set the email tone and indicate this isn’t a mass email.

Call to Action:
Tell the reader what you want at the beginning of the email. Use bold, color or type size to further highlight your request/deadline.


Email content is best with:

• 1 subject per email, to stay on topic
• 1-3 short sentences per paragraph
• bulleted points, for easy reading

Note: Emails between 50 and 125 words are 50% more likely to be read (according to Boomerang).

Closing: Solidify your relationship with the reader and encourage/discourage a response.
Use these 5 key tips to get a response to your emails, as the average office worker receives 120 emails every day.