The evolution of paper files to digital ones has offered a number of improvements for businesses, including using less paper, being able to find documents faster, and not needing entire rooms full of filing cabinets.

But with exponentially more digital files being created every day, the sheer volume can make it difficult to keep up with them if you don’t have a good electronic document management system in place.

Over 90% of the world’s data has been generated in just the last two years. (Forbes)

It can be a challenge to keep up with all your files and ensure they’re organized and secure. At Technology Visionaries, we’ve helped New Jersey businesses transform from paper to digital to save money and improve efficiency, and one of the key parts of our electronic document management solution is using a flexible, organized electronic filing system.

In 2019, there’s no questioning the benefits of going paperless for businesses, which include:

  • Reducing costs associated with paper, ink, filing supplies
  • Freeing up physical office space needed to house paper files
  • Having access to files from anywhere
  • Creating a faster workflow with less time searching for files
  • More easily send files to others
  • Easily back up all important documents
  • Sustainable business model that’s good for the planet

But, just as offices in the past needed an organized way to keep their paper documents easily located and ensure they were all accounted for, the same is true of digital files. If you don’t have an organized plan in place, files can be hard to find or accidentally deleted.

How Will Electronic Document Management Benefit My Business?

It doesn’t take long for offices to get so many different files on different computers and devices that they’re running into issues finding a particular document when they need it.

Something that is a common occurrence in New Jersey offices, and offices everywhere, are these example scenarios:

Boss: “Can I see that latest sales brochure draft? I’d like it to be finalized and sent to the printer today.”

Employee: “I don’t have it right now. I was working on it from home and tried to email it to myself, but the file must’ve been too large, because it never arrived.”


Sales Department: “Have you found that client purchase order yet? We need to get their invoice sent so they can pay us.”

Accounting: “I’m still looking, I must’ve saved it under a different name or accidentally deleted it, I’m not seeing it anywhere.”

Both of those scenarios can be avoided with a system that manages all electronic documents and stores them securely in a single place.

Instead of the boss having to ask for that brochure draft, he’d know just where to find the most updated copy on a shared digital storage system. Accounting would also be able to avoid an accidental deletion by having deletion permission safeguards in place

Technology Visionaries offers electronic document management that makes handling digital files easy and efficient with a number of value-added benefits that save companies money.

Find Files Faster

An IDC report found that information workers spend an average of 4.5 hours a week just searching for documents. Your office could be wasting a lot of time just trying to find one digital file out of the hundreds created by your team every month.

Our electronic document management systems make keyword searching for documents easy and provide a master cloud-based “digital filing cabinet” for storing all documents, so your staff only needs to search in one place.

Customizable Security

With physical filing cabinets, you could lock them to keep files secure, but those tiny little locks and keys weren’t exactly “Fort-Knox-like” security. Securing your digital files is as easy as a few mouse clicks, and you can set permissions for which people or departments can access a file, and also set who can and can’t delete a file, ensuring nothing is accidentally removed.

Easy to Access and Share Files

No more trying to email large files back and forth and no more having to wait for someone to send a file that’s on only their hard drive. A digital document management system makes it simple to share a file or folder either within your organization or with customers or vendors.

Mobility Friendly

Are you at the airport and would like to work on that presentation while you’re waiting? With an electronic document system, it’s as easy as logging in from any device and your file is right there where you left it. You can work on it from anywhere and save it back to the same spot. No emailing different versions back and forth to yourself.

Ensures Business Continuity

In the case of a natural disaster, if all your files are located on computers at your premises, you could end up losing years of vital company data. Cloud-based electronic data management platforms safely and securely store all your files on a remote server, make redundant backups, and ensure your business continuity plan is sound with easily recoverable files should a disaster strike.

Take Control of Your Digital File Organization Today!

Technology Visionaries can help you take control of your digital files, making them easy to find in a few keystrokes and ensuring that no file is left behind or accidentally deleted.

Contact us today to find out more about our electronic document management solutions. Call 732-587-5960 or reach out online.