Why We’re Not a Cut-Rate Provider & Why You Don’t Want One (You Get What You Pay For!)

The old adage, “You get what you pay for” rings true in a number of areas. If you go to a used car lot and see a car for $150, that’s a great price, but there’s most likely a lot wrong with it. Likewise, if you’re going to a dentist, you’re going to be more suspicious of one that charges half the price for a visit than the average.

In the world of computer repair and support the same holds true. If someone is promoting themselves as a “low cost” or “cut-rate” provider, there are likely some missing components from the services and quality they’re offering.

Technology Visionaries doesn’t advertise as the cheapest IT provider, and we never will. We work to help small and medium-sized businesses get a real return on their technology investments that give them a combination of cost-effective solutions, reliability, and quality.

Ongoing return on investment adds more to your bottom line than a one-off cheap fix.

The devices and software that house and generate your business data aren’t something you want to cut corners on. Here are a few reasons that you don’t want to trust your IT support to a cut-rate provider and risk something going wrong.

Trust Quality & Performance When it Comes to Your IT Support

Small business IT spending is expected to surpass $600 billion in 2018 (ZDNet). Technology is only getting bigger and becoming more vital in our everyday work, and business productivity depends upon it.

Some of the types of IT that spending encompasses are:

  • Computers/laptops
  • Mobile devices (a growing segment)
  • Peripherals like printers & security cameras
  • Cloud storage
  • Security software
  • Productivity apps
  • Accounting software
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Server and network setup and maintenance

Companies need someone that knows what they’re doing to keep all those different technology parts running smoothly and communicating with each other effectively. Here are some of the key reasons that trusted IT providers like Technology Visionaries may cost a little more… and why we are worth it.

Ongoing Training

We invest in ongoing training for our team to keep up on the newest operating system updates, most recent viruses and other cyber threats, and ensure that we give you the best advice when you consult with us.

Wondering which type of firewall is best for securing your data? Need to schedule a staff training on the newest update to your CRM program? It’s no problem when you work with Technology Visionaries, because we’re up to speed on all the newest in IT, so you don’t have to be.


While all good IT providers work to make sure tasks are performed without any hiccups, if anything does go wrong, you want to know that your IT support is covered. Quality tech support providers carry insurance, so if they accidentally damage something while on your premises, you’re covered.

Best Practices

If you’re having network cable installed in your office, it if isn’t done right it could cause a shock or fire hazard. You want the IT company doing the work to be following best practices, and not all do.

Our Technology Visionaries Team takes best practices very seriously and we always do things by the book. Whether you’re depending upon us to ensure your company is in compliance with data protection rules (HIPAA or PCI) or setting up a wired or wireless network, you can be sure that we aren’t cutting any corners.

Breadth of Knowledge & Experience

Whether you have 10 work stations or 75, you want to make sure you’re working with a technology provider that has the experience and knowledge to handle any issue that might come up. You don’t always get the same experience and breadth of knowledge with a budget IT provider.

Technology Visionaries is a registered Microsoft Partner and has an entire team of experienced IT consultants and engineers at your service, so you know there’s nothing you can throw at us that we can’t handle.

Support When You Need It

If you’re working through the weekend to meet a customer deadline and your server goes down, can you get the tech support you need? Often with cut-rate providers, you can only get them during regular Monday through Friday office hours.

Quality providers may cost a little more, but when they save the day on a Saturday right when you need them, that support is priceless. We provide round-the-clock technical support, so you know we’ve got your back anytime!

We Won’t “Nickel and Dime” You

If a price looks too good to be true from a budget IT service, there’s a good chance you’re not getting the support you’re expecting. Often, they’ll charge by the hour and then tack on things like additional service fees, or they won’t back up their work with a guarantee.

Our clients choose Technology Visionaries as their IT support provider because they know they won’t be hit with any hidden charges and their technology will be taken care of by professionals. Our support agreements offer unlimited remote and onsite support, preventative maintenance and monitoring, and vendor management, for a single fixed price. No surprises! Plus, we back up our work with a 100% No Hassle Guarantee.

Find Out What Exceptional IT Support Feels Like

We love working with small and medium sized businesses and helping them thrive. We provide the exceptional IT support they deserve for a reasonable price that easily fits in their budget. Give us a call today at 732-587-5960 to learn more!