Make Your Company More Profitable Right Now by Hiring a Managed Service Provider

It may sound counter intuitive at first to increase profits by hiring an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), but with technology being such a large part of any office (and office budget) it’s a move that can end up benefitting your bottom line significantly.

An MSP specializes in business technology and keeping all parts of it running smoothly, from hardware to software to wired and wireless networks. They also have the expertise to handle ongoing maintenance, critical issues (like data breaches), and can help you plan your technology needs for future growth.

At Technology Visionaries, our IT management services give companies in New Jersey peace of mind and allow them to focus on their core business, rather than worrying about the IT that supports everything they do.

63% of small businesses spend nearly a quarter of their budget on technology. (Salesforce)

Just about every modern office could not run without some type of technology. And as customers expect tech-driven conveniences, such as a website form and online ordering, the costs for keeping technology running smoothly keep increasing. Hiring an MSP is one way to bring them back down.

The Impact of Technology on Business

Here are a few statistics from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that show how important technology is for small (and any sized) businesses:

  • 84% of small businesses use at least one major digital platform to give information to their customers.
  • 75% of small businesses use technology platforms for sales.
  • 70% of small business say using social technology, like Facebook, help them attract new customers.

While technology has become a big part of sales and marketing, it also is needed for daily tasks, such as email communications, printing invoices, and communicating with each other. When your computers or other IT go down, your business can come to a standstill.

How Can Working with an MSP Increase Profits?

Because an increasing amount of a company’s expenses are dedicated to their IT maintenance, management, and security, hiring an experienced Managed Service Provider to take care of it all makes a larger positive impact than ever before.

Here are the important ways you can save money by hiring an MSP, like Technology Visionaries, for IT security monitoring, device maintenance, and all your IT needs.

Lower Your Overall IT Costs

You may think handling everything in-house is more cost effective, but when it comes to IT, it’s usually more expensive. According to a CompTIA report, 96% of companies surveyed saved money on IT costs after outsourcing to a Managed Service Provider. 50% saved between 1-24%, and 46% of those firms saved 25% or more on IT costs.

Because you’re paying a set monthly or annual fee for all your IT needs, including ongoing help desk support, budgeting is easier because you’re not hit with any unexpected technology expenses.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

If your office manager’s computer goes down, you might have two people doing nothing but trying to fix it for a few hours, the office manager and that other person on your team that is “good with computers.” But that’s not the most efficient way to handle IT issues.

With an MSP, issues can usually be fixed faster because of their expertise, meaning your office manager can get back to their tasks sooner. Intermittent interruptions are also decreased because of the ongoing maintenance, software/app updates, and other proactive steps your MSP takes regularly.

Lower Risk of a Data Breach or Fine

Enhanced security and data compliance can keep you from risking fines from data privacy regulations. Security is increasingly a major concern for companies of all sizes, because a data breach incident can cost them both immediate money and sales opportunities down the line because of a damaged reputation.

With data privacy laws only getting stronger, ensuring the way you handle customer information, like names, emails, and credit card details, is completely secure and in compliance is vital to avoiding big problems in the future due to data breaches. An MSP provides expert handling of all your data security.

Allows You to Stay Focused on What You Do Best

If you’re not having to worry about ongoing maintenance of your IT infrastructure or IT problems when they crop up, you and your team and devote more of your time to doing what you do best, growing your business.

You may not even realize how much time your staff is spending on a computer update here and a printer connection problem there. With a Managed Service Provider on hand, your team gets instant assistance and can stay on track without tech interruptions.

Technology Guidance for Business-Boosting Tech

Companies tend to continue using the same software and platforms for years, even if they’re not evolving with the times, mainly because they don’t know there might be a better solution out there.

An MSP not only maintains your current IT infrastructure, they can also guide you toward new platforms (like cloud-based computing and communication tools) that can add value and true benefits to your company, increasing efficiencies and expanding your capabilities for less cost.

Learn About Our Managed Services Plans

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