Many small businesses try to save money by handling their own IT. This may make sense when they’re first getting started and might have just a single computer, but once they grow and gain a few employees, this DIY method can actually be holding them back.

Technology has evolved from being a convenience to becoming the beating heart that keeps all types of businesses running. From communications to marketing to payment and order processing, it’s all done via our technology.

And when that technology isn’t running smoothly or isn’t helping a company be as efficient as possible, sales and growth suffer.

A big part of our mission at Technology Visionaries is to help small businesses take full advantage of their technology and have it fuel their growth. We often hear from our New Jersey managed IT clients that they wish they had called us sooner, because they didn’t realize how much it was costing them not to have a good IT consultant.

The Benefits of Working with an IT Pro

Most of us wouldn’t consider doing self-surgery or diagnosing our own strange illness, instead we go to a professional, our doctor or specialist. 

When it comes to the intricacies of your IT infrastructure it’s also smart to get a professional that knows technology inside and out. Having an IT pro on your side can make a big difference in reducing costs and increasing productivity.

What types of things does an IT consultant do?

An IT consultant can handle any number of technology needs including (but not limited to):

  • Help you with an IT strategy that fits your needs
  • IT setup and repairs
  • Help desk for your employees
  • Monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure
  • Troubleshooting tech issues
  • Proactive security and maintenance
  • Business continuity and risk minimization

When it comes down to the dollars and cents, the right professional can mean you’re spending less on your IT than you used to when trying to do it yourself and can give you a boost in the efficiency department. Here’s how we do it.

Reducing IT Downtime

An unexpected computer or network outage not only can ruin your day, it can cost you significantly. Just one minute of network downtime costs an average of $5,600. Businesses that take a “break/fix” mentality, only getting their IT fixed when something goes wrong, run the risk costly downtime that comes out of nowhere.

If you have a managed IT services plan with a trusted IT professional, your overall costs are typically much lower and downtime is greatly reduced if not eliminated all together. This is because your systems are maintained proactively before anything can go wrong and monitored continuously for the first hint of any potential issue.

Enhancing Productivity Through IT

Are you using the most efficient applications at your office? Do you have some processes that could be automated… if only you knew how?

This is what our pros at Technology Visionaries have a passion for, helping businesses identify the applications that fit their workflow best and assisting them with optimizing, being more efficient, and increasing their productivity all through choosing the right technology.

Freeing Up Your and Your Team

How many times a day does your staff hit a tech roadblock that stops them from getting their work done? It can be as small as a computer dropping a connection to a printer and as large as a server or Wi-Fi network that goes down. 

If your team is constantly putting out tech fires, it’s a significant drag on their productivity. And if the boss is continuously worrying about IT security, it’s hard for them to properly focus on growing the business.

With an IT consultant on call to come to the rescue for any IT problems and that can ensure your tech is always monitored, you and your team are free. Free to focus on your business and use technology to fuel your efforts rather than be hindered by it.

Keeping IT Costs Predictable

Unexpected IT costs can exceed projected budgets and cause you to have to delay other expenditures for your business. If you don’t have a plan for proactively maintaining your IT infrastructure, you can get hit with higher repair costs for urgent needs and never know what your overall costs will be from month to month.

With a full-service managed IT plan, you have a low, predictable monthly IT cost that you can easily budget for and you avoid those unexpected budget surprises.

Preparing You for Disasters

If a natural disaster took out your office tomorrow, could your business keep running? For each day your office is closed, how much money would you be losing?

Business continuity is all about ensuring your technology workflow is set up in such a way that you could easily recover and be back up and running fast.

An IT professional can help ensure you have proper backup and recovery systems in place for your data and can walk you through the advantages of cloud-based systems like VoIP and Microsoft 365, that would allow your business to be run from any location in the event of a disaster.

Ask Us What’s Included in Our Managed IT Plans!

Technology Visionaries is an IT pro you can trust to have your back when it comes to your business technology. 

We offer Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) and IT outsourcing services that bridge the gap between business and complicated technology in North and Central New Jersey, Union County and Middlesex County.

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