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The times have changed. Companies have reached a point where they rely on information technology (IT) for almost everything they do. Since key business operations are taking place on desktops and mobile devices, having an accessible IT network is more important to start-ups than ever before.

Gone are the days when cloud technology was an unknown and futuristic term. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are relying on managed IT services to not only solve their frustrating tech problems but to help them drive greater business growth, as well.

SMBs Lack the Resources for IT Function Management

There’s a small chance of staying relevant and competitive in today’s fast-paced market without the right blend of technology. Forbes reports that 84 percent of digital transformation strategies fall short because of a serious disconnect between the IT department and the rest of the team.

Only a few SMBs have the expertise, bandwidth, and resources to support their IT demands. When IT failures like server crashes or network failures occur, it could impact your ability to do business. In turn, this could have devastating consequences.

Enter managed IT — a service that intends to bridge the gap. Managed services provide proactive maintenance, enhanced security, and greater technical expertise to maximize uptime.

A Need for Greater Technical Expertise

Apart from providing SMBs with next-level, business-grade technology for your IT infrastructure, outsourcing IT functions means you’ll be able to leverage the technical expertise of technicians who make life easier for you. You won’t have to worry about learning curves or remediating IT-related issues. Your business will receive consistent support that acts as an extension of your own IT department.

Managing IT systems can be too complicated for SMBs to manage internally. A managed services provider will ensure that a unified security framework regulates your systems.

Cost-Effective Solutions that Move SMBs Forward

Working with a managed services provider means you’ll have someone who is familiar with the evolving technology landscape. This will allow you to plan better for the long-term and scale your business. You’ll have the freedom to scale your IT infrastructure up or down, as needed, and focus on moving your business forward.

Those with an internal IT department may lack the budget for an upgrade. Outsourcing your IT services can help you cut costs since you won’t have to allocate a budget to training new employees and customize IT services all at a fixed cost.

Superior Security and Improved Repairs

For SMBs running in-house servers, hardware failure can cause massive damage. More than delaying business downtime, it can affect your business reputation, as well. Lacking the same level of security as your enterprise counterparts could make you a target for hackers and put your company at risk.

Managed IT services step in by providing SMBs with a robust infrastructure that offers a superior level of service and quality. Stay safe in the knowledge that military-grade encryption and superior security is protecting your critical data.

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