Microsoft has announced that it plans to make Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) easier for Microsoft 365 business users by integrating it directly into the Outlook app. This feature, called Authenticator Lite, will provide a second layer of protection to help safeguard online accounts from cybercriminals.

MFA generates a unique passcode every time you log into an account, and it is typically sent to an authenticator app on your phone, via SMS, or through a phone call. By using biometric login like your fingerprint or face ID, the process can be streamlined, offering faster and more secure access to your accounts.

Microsoft’s decision to integrate MFA directly into the Outlook app is intended to save users time while still offering enhanced security. Previously, MFA relied on a separate authenticator app or login codes.

While Authenticator Lite is currently only available for Microsoft 365 business accounts, there is a possibility that Microsoft will make this feature available to more hardware or operating systems in the future.

If you want to protect your online accounts against cyber threats, it is highly recommended that you implement MFA as soon as possible. For more information and advice on implementing MFA or optimizing your use of Microsoft 365, reach out to our team today.

Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.