Choose the Best Outsourced IT Provider by Asking These Strategic QuestionsMany companies invest in a file server for a number of IT needs, such as data backup and recovery, remote access to information, and the ability to increase user controls and collaboration.

But, investing in a physical server does have its drawbacks including initial hardware costs and continual upkeep. On-site servers can also put your data at risk in the case of a flood, fire, or natural disaster.

Many companies already have access to a powerful cloud-based server and they don’t even realize it. If you’re using Office 365 Business Essentials or Premium, SharePoint is included, and it can replace a file server, and so much more.

With our cloud computing services in Woodbridge, NJ, Technology Visionaries helps clients eliminate costs while expanding IT capabilities. One of the powerful tools we set up for them often is Microsoft’s SharePoint.

SharePoint enables:

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Cloud-based file storage
  • Editing of files
  • Blog and Wiki writing
  • Management of mailboxes
  • Fluid integration with Microsoft products

What is SharePoint, exactly, and how can it replace your file server? Read on to find out!

What is SharePoint?

If you signed up for a Microsoft Office 365 business subscription, you may have seen SharePoint as one of the included programs, but weren’t really sure what to do with it.

SharePoint is a platform that empowers teamwork and collaboration by acting as a file server for storage that allows sharing of common resources across desktop and mobile devices.

Now, let’s discuss why SharePoint makes a powerful replacement for your traditional office server.

SharePoint Capabilities for Server Replacement and More

When our team at Technology Visionaries is working with New Jersey business owners on planning for growth and business continuity, we explain SharePoint as a server PLUS, because it has many capabilities you won’t find in a standard server.

Collaboration is the secret weapon of SharePoint to increase productivity and go beyond what other file storage servers can do.

Companies that promote collaboration are 5 times as likely to be high performing. (Forbes)

Keeping your team on the same page with tools built for collaboration is what’s helping many small and medium-sized businesses get ahead of their competition. Studies show that employees prompted to act collaboratively stayed on task 64% longer than those that worked alone.

By using tools like Office 365 and SharePoint, that promote team collaboration and coordination, you’re building a stronger and more productive team.

Here are the key ways that SharePoint can replace your server and offer you more capabilities.

Store and Access Data More Efficiently

With a standard file server, it can take precious time to locate a file you need because they’re not all built for easy searching. Some can only be accessed from connected computers, meaning if you’re not at the office, you can’t get to them or your data.

SharePoint is designed for multi-user use, with keyword searches to quickly find information and accessibility from any internet connected device, including smartphones.

Automate for Smarter Workflows

Local file servers tend to be static, you store a file just as you would on a hard drive, but not much else. SharePoint offers customization that allows you to make automated workflows to save time and streamline processes.

For example, if you have a team collaborating on a specific file, when any changes are made that need approval, the appropriate staff can be automatically notified.

Share Information in New Ways

It’s not always an easy task to keep staff excited and engaged, with SharePoint it can be a lot easier. Imagine building an internal Wiki page that brings together the collective knowledge of your entire team that newer staff can learn from.

You can also build team portals, SharePoint Sites, based upon projects or departments to further enable engaging communication and teamwork.

Access and Security Controls

Many local servers don’t have access levels natively built-in making it more difficult to control who has access to which files. SharePoint has easy-to-use permission levels that allow you to give access to certain files and folders based upon the user.

You can also set permission levels for editing, approving edits, deleting files and more, giving you better security overall for your corporate files.

Integration with Office 365

If you’re giving a presentation over Skype to a client and want to access the newest sales PowerPoint presentation, it’s easy to bring it directly into Skype from SharePoint in seconds. Plus, since it’s on the SharePoint server, you know it’s the latest version.

The fluid integration with the full Office 365 suite of programs means less time trying to get data from one place to another and easier storage and management of all your important corporate information.

Get a Free Introduction to SharePoint for Your Company!

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