In the age of digital technology, data has surpassed oil and has become the world’s most valuable resource. Corporate titans today include businesses delving into online data – Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft – and are the five most valuable firms in the world with a collective $25 billion in profit.

The shift in the value of digital data highlights not only the opportunities and profit potential of the internet but also the importance of how a company secures its data as a major asset. A company’s data is valuable, making it vulnerable to significant losses from security risks and other incidents that could corrupt or eliminate the data.

Protect your data while streamlining your company’s IT needs. Technology Visionaries LLC’s managed IT services offer businesses in North and Central New Jersey hassle-free and reliable solutions.

IT Managed Services

IT outsourcing and consulting services handle your company’s technology needs without having to hire your in-house team. When opting for our services, your technology undergoes three stages: planning, setup, and management. During planning, IT consultants will diagnose your system and its faulty areas, and recommend ways to improve it, including additional security measures and backup.

During the technology setup, our consultants set up your customized IT plan. We use reliable vendors to supply your needs. Finally, we manage your IT system, including the security plans and backups in case your business faces an emergency.


Outsourcing our services protect your data and keep your business’ technology running at its most efficient. Some of the benefits your company receives from protecting its data include:

Tighter Security & Backed Up Data

Company data breaches can be a costly loss, whether the breach comes from hackers trying to steal your data or employees who mismanage confidential files. In 2018, a hospital in Indianapolis became a victim of a ransomware attack, an extortion technique that blocks data access and promises to remove the block in exchange for money. The attack locked employees out of 1,400 sensitive files, including patient medical records, until they paid the ransom of four bitcoins, worth around $50,000 at the time.

This type of attack, as well as other types of data extortion schemes, has affected thousands of Americans in 2016, targeting businesses of all sizes. Incidents like these highlight the need for tighter security measures and backup data should access become restricted.

If your company were to face a similar situation like this, do you have the emergency backup data to keep operating? Avoid having to pay ransoms (or else risk losing all your data) by hiring IT experts to increase your security.

A Hassle-Free Solution

Companies should be focusing their resources on their main business. Having an in-house IT team may take a significant portion out of those resources. Instead of hiring an in-house team, businesses have the option to outsource their IT tasks and redirect the rest of its resources to business improvement.

Your data is a valuable asset that should be kept safe and secure. Backup your data regularly and protect your computers with the latest security software. If your business does not have an IT department, get the hassle-free services of Technology Visionaries LLC to acquire feasible advanced strategies.

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