4 Costly Ways that SPAM Can Hurt Your Bottom Line (and How to Stop It!)With every great innovation that makes life easier, can also come a downside caused by those that exploit it and make it worse for the rest of us.

Email was a technological breakthrough that definitely made written communication easier and instant, but the downside that came along with it was SPAM that fills inboxes with both junk mail and dangerous viruses and malware.

Many companies resign themselves to just having to put up with the inconvenience of SPAM email. But it’s more than just inconvenient… it can cost your company money, reputation, downtime, and more.

Technology Visionaries offers expert email and SPAM protection for New Jersey businesses of all sizes. From streamlining workflows to making email indexing and searching easier, our goal is to provide strategic solutions with a positive impact for our clients.

How much is SPAM costing your company? We’ll go over four ways that it eats away at your bottom line, an estimate of what it could be costing you annually, and our solutions to help you get it under control.

How Much is SPAM Costing My Company?

Junk email is more dangerous than the junk “snail mail” you get from the post office. It can infect computers, steal precious productivity time, and squeeze out messages you need to see and respond to.

The average office worker receives 121 emails per day. (DMR)

The average office worker receives approximately 121 emails per day that they need to sort through and decide what to do with. A 2018 Trustwave Global Security Report found that about 39 percent of email is SPAM. That means a lot of time spent reading through email is wasted on unwanted junk email.

Using an online SPAM cost calculator that assumes 15 seconds to process each email, we find the following:

If you have 25 employees with average annual salaries of $35,000, and each received 47 SPAM emails per day, the total cost to your company would be $17,556 annually.

So where does that cost come from? Here are the four main ways SPAM costs you big time.

  1. Lost Productivity

Time spent reading through an email inbox and running across SPAM messages is lost productivity. Depending upon the type of SPAM received, it could take 5 seconds to 30 seconds to decide a message is spam, delete it, and move on.

The SPAM cost calculator we used estimated 33 hours of lost productivity in a year if just 25 employees get 47 SPAM emails per day. That’s a cost many businesses don’t immediately realize they’re paying by not having a good email filtering program, but it’s one that they’re paying the price for daily.

  1. Viruses & Data Breaches

Phishing emails are still the number one delivery method for malware and viruses meant to compromise your business network. These emails are designed to look legitimate and often take more time for a user to evaluate. It is real or not?

The key subject types phishing emails will use to get people to open them are:

  • Purchase order
  • Payment
  • Bill
  • Login warning
  • Shipping tracking

Costs associated with malware that infects your system from a phishing email can be from major repairs and clean-up costs to infected devices, as well as downtime costs from disabled systems.

Malicious malware that causes a data breach, can mean thousands of dollars in ransomware ransom demands or fines from data privacy violations. Companies that have data breaches also take a hit to their reputation and client trust.

  1. Missed Legitimate Emails

When you’re sorting through an inbox of real messages mixed with SPAM, it’s easy to miss a legitimate email and delete it along with the junk mail. This is one of those costs that could be substantial and it comes from lost business opportunities.

Imagine missing a request for bid on an important project because it was sandwiched in between SPAM emails. That could mean lost business now and in the future. When it causes you to miss the email you actually want to see, SPAM becomes much more than just a nuisance.

  1. Storage and Handling

All email that comes in is stored somewhere. Usually it’s stored both on a physical server that handles your domain’s email, and on the computer or mobile device of the recipient, until it’s deleted. That extra unwanted mail could be raising your storage costs and causing your staff’s email software to get bogged down and sluggish, causing computer replacements before they’re really needed.

Easy Solutions to Stop SPAM in Its Tracks

Technology Visionaries provides a whole host of outsourced IT solutions and that includes implementing the best and most cost effective email and SPAM protection you can find.

Our solutions are designed to let through the mail you want, while keeping out that dangerous and annoying SPAM.

Our SPAM solutions will:

  • Streamline your business processes
  • Safeguard your email and your business
  • Simplify searching
  • Make access easier

Get Your SPAM Under Control Today!

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