business people communicating

Out of 1,000 American employees, 91 percent said their bosses lacked communication skills. That was the result of the 2015 Interact/Harris Poll. Other manager-related issues that these participants aired during the poll were lack of emotional intelligence, micromanagement, and indecisiveness.

But let’s focus on communication, or the lack thereof. Great team communication in the office mitigates conflicts. Everyone can identify issues better and more clearly. It also improves employee engagement, especially if the executives initiated the conversation.’

So, what happens if everyone lacks this critical skill? Miscommunication definitely takes a hit on performance and teamwork. Employees will commit a lot of errors that could’ve been avoided had the information been relayed’ clearly.

There’s always something you can to avoid these issues, however. Some require you to invest in technology, while others only need you, as a boss, to be more transparent and open to everyone in the office.


Our Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP technology in New Jersey allows for small businesses to create a more seamless communication channel. With this option, people at the office can make phone calls through the internet with any device (e.g., laptop and mobile phones). That means if you’re traveling, you can still communicate with your team from miles away using the VoIP system, just as long as you have an internet connection.

In addition to that, if you acquire a VoIP service from our NJ location, your office will get 24/7 stand-by maintenance and assistance.

Town Hall Meetings

Good office communication doesn’t only mean keeping every employee up to date with business matters, but it also means give them a platform to express their concerns. This is where monthly town hall meetings can help.

With these meetings, you encourage your employees to come together in one place and talk about things that matter to them, even those outside business requirements. You can ask them to discuss if they have ideas to promote camaraderie among colleagues or improve collaboration. You can also use town hall meetings to give recognition to outstanding employees.

Open-door Policy

Some issues need to be discussed in a small group or alone with the boss. With an open-door policy, you’re welcoming your employees to give feedback and suggestions regarding the company or the system. This means that you let them take a moment of your time so that you can listen to their concerns.

Space for Social Interactions

An open-plan office layout is not always the way to go to encourage social interactions among employees. In fact, some studies show this kind of office setup adversely affects employees’ face-to-face communication.

What can you do, then, to urge your team to get to know each other better? Provide a space for social engagement, such as a game room, where they can hang out after work or during a break. You can also invest in a lounge or a café. They can use this space not only to communicate ideas for their project but also to talk about their personal lives.

Communication is key – it’s overused, but it’s always true. In the workplace, good communication practices will make sure everyone is on the same page, and they can resolve issues quickly.

If you need a system that will make office communication easier, we can provide your New Jersey-based company with a low-cost VoIP system. Got questions? Don’t hesitate to talk to us now.’’