8 Powerful Ways that Access Rights Management Can Help You Prevent a Costly Data Breach

Protecting your data and IT infrastructure from unauthorized access is an ongoing challenge. There is no shortage of hackers trying to gain entry into your network so they can get their hands on things like login credentials, credit card details, and other sensitive information.

Once a data breach happens, business continuity is in serious jeopardy due to loss of vital files, business, and customer trust. 

To properly safeguard your network from a breach, you need more than just user passwords protecting your company data, and this is where access rights management comes in.

What is access rights management?

Access rights management is a system that gives you a full view of who in your organization has access to which parts of your IT infrastructure. It can allow you to easily control who can get to which data and keep out unauthorized users. 

You an also gain critical insight into how applications are being accessed and more easily spot patterns and anomalies that can alert you to a vulnerability.

The average cost of a data breach for a company is $3.9 million.

Read on to learn how access rights management software can help your company control who accesses your information and greatly reduce your risk of a data breach.

Benefits of Using Access Rights Management Software

If you’re like many companies, your employees are logging into multiple company applications each day – a CRM program, accounting program, Office 365, etc. Each of those applications accesses your sensitive company information. 

How do you keep track of who is accessing what? How can you easily manage all your users and their access to your data? 

That’s what access rights management software was designed to do, and here are some of the top ways it can help you safeguard your files and protect you from a data breach in the future.

Increase Multi-Level Security

Using a master program to manage your user access to your IT infrastructure allows you to implement multiple levels of user access based upon parameters you set in their directory profiles.

You can use customized user authentication factors that help keep unauthorized users out and can base access on things like:

  • Time of day
  • Physical location
  • Multiple-factor authentication

Easier User Experience

Instead of having to remember multiple passwords to multiple work applications, which leads to lax password security, users can login once to your main access management system then enjoy automatic logins as they move to other connected areas of their workflow.

This means less time for users to login to get their tasks done each day and improved security for all your cloud-based applications, reducing the risk of a password-caused breach.

Detailed Auditing & Reporting

If you don’t have a central system to manage user access when a data breach happens, trying to go back and figure out where the breach occurred can be much more difficult.

Access rights management tools offer detailed auditing trails that record provisioning, de-provisioning, user access, and which data is accessed when, making it much easier to pinpoint the cause of a breach.

Improves Administration & Lowers Costs

With one central control panel to grant or revoke access rights, manage user levels, and automate security policy enforcement, administration of user logins takes much less time and less cost, while being more consistent and secure. 

Improve Security of Multiple Cloud-based Apps

Using an access rights management system allows you to increase the login security of any number of cloud-based applications that your team uses on a regular basis.

You can increase access security by integrating applications such as Office 365, CRM programs, online accounting apps, customer help desk systems, and more.

Improved Compliance

Data privacy regulations, like HIPAA or GDPR mean that companies need to keep detailed records in relation to their data security practices. An access rights manager can allow you to quickly generate comprehensive user access reports for regulatory compliance needs.

Time-Saving Automated Process

Once you get your access management rules set up, you can increase productivity by reducing the time it takes to provision access rights for new users. Users can access a self-service portal which is already configured to delegate them the appropriate program access.

Templates further help shorten the setup process, by giving administrators a simple path to input their specific user requirements into a ready-to-go portal.

Gain Full View into Your Organization’s Data Access

You can protect yourself against internal security threats by having a full view of your user or group access activity. This allows you visibility into privileged accounts and access to file servers.

Without the ability to monitor user access, it’s difficult to spot any potentially harmful activity that can lead to a data breach.

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