7 Money-Saving Reasons Businesses Should Outsource IT ManagementTechnology has become more than just a tool for business, it’s a major operational backbone for most companies. From CRM programs that help close deals, to online appointment systems that keep clients coming in the door, IT is a major player in any business’s productivity.

When something goes wrong with your computers, devices, or network, it negatively impacts your business and your bottom line.

Many companies struggle with the question of whether to manage that all important IT infrastructure with an in-house IT department or outsource with a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Are you constantly worried about your technology not running smoothly?

At Technology Visionaries, we often help companies throughout North and Central New Jersey, Union County, and Middlesex County with IT that powers their growth, rather than holds them back. And many businesses find that working with an outsourced MSP provider is a better choice.

While, it can seem that an in-house IT department means you’re focusing more on the importance of your technology, you may find that you’re not getting the same level of experience and support as outsourcing to a trusted computer support company.

7 Top Reasons it Makes Sense to Outsource Your IT Support

The world of technology moves at the speed of light and has only become more complicated. Instead of just worrying about desktop computers and printers, companies now have multiple mobile devices, wireless networks, servers, and security regulations to consider.

Our Technology Visionaries Team keeps up with all the latest hardware, software, and devices, so we’ve seen the explosive growth of IT over the years and understand how vital it is to keep it running smoothly.

Here are seven key ways that businesses can save when outsourcing their IT management and support.

  1. Staying Up to Date on the Best Business Tech

Software capabilities are improving all the time. That means if your business isn’t aware of or fully utilizing new cloud collaborative platforms you could get left behind your competitors.

In-house IT departments tend to be internally focused on their own network and systems, and don’t always stay “plugged-in” to industry news and trends. Outsourced Managed Service Providers work with several industries and part of what they do is to stay abreast of new technology so they can provide business tech consulting to help clients make the most of their IT.

  1. Ensuring Best Practices are Followed

Have you ever thought your data security was running smoothly only to find out that best practices weren’t followed resulting in lost data or a breached network?

Nearly a million malware threats are released daily and if your in-house IT staff doesn’t have the time to keep up with these new security threats, your business can be left vulnerable.

Computer support businesses earn certifications in a variety of best practices for things like cybersecurity, HIPAA, and PCI compliance. They typically have team members that specialize in viruses, malware, compliance regulations, and data security.

  1. Reducing Costs

While you may think that once you have enough staff with computers, laptops, and other devices, it would be cheaper to have an in-house IT department, you may be wrong.

According to a Computer Economics study, businesses with less than 300 employees have been leading the wave of companies outsourcing their information technology processes. Why? Estimates are that they can save as much as 25% to 40% by using an outside MSP.

  1. More Support When You Need It

If you have a major computer meltdown when your head of IT is out sick or on vacation, you may have to wait for them to get back before it can be fixed. And in the meantime, you’re losing productivity.

Working with an outside IT support company can give you peace of mind that you have coverage when you need it. Many even offer “after business hours” support.

  1. More Flexibility to Scale Up or Down

Working with an outsourced computer support partner gives your business and budget more flexibility to decrease or increase services when you need to. Want to add a server so you can host your own website and email? It’s an easy add-on if you’re already working with a MSP.

You’re not locked in to too little or too much support, you have the flexibility to scale when you want to.

  1. Ability to Focus on What You Do Best

Managing an in-house IT department takes resources away from focus on your core business. At Technology Visionaries, we not only give our clients the freedom to focus on their business without IT headaches, we learn about their business so we can help them choose technology that helps them meet their goals faster and make their lives easier.

  1. Streamline and Increase Productivity

You’ve been doing your sales communications the same way for years and often in-house teams can get stuck in what’s familiar instead of exploring what’s better.

IT businesses work with multiple companies and can help you streamline your businesses based upon others’ successes. They often know which software or hardware is problematic and which gets high praise, so your company benefits from their vast industry experience.

What Services Do You Get with a MSP?

So, if you choose to go with an outsourced MSP, what are you going to get? Often you get to choose (remember, we’re flexible!). But, here are a few of the standard services you can expect:

  • Computer network installation
  • Wireless networking
  • IT management services
  • Computer network maintenance services
  • Network consulting and integration services
  • On-site and remote IT support
  • Backup and recovery
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Data security
  • Cybersecurity staff training
  • Computer/device repair and ongoing maintenance

Looking for Affordable & Reliable IT Support?

If you’re looking for IT support that is affordable, reliable, and will help your business succeed, you’ve come to the right place!  Contact us today to schedule a free MSP consultation.